Junior Rifle

DSC’s Junior Rifle program is a fun, coed activity that always puts safety first. Our objective is to teach youth the proper and responsible use of firearms, with emphasis on position rifle shooting and competition. Shooting is one of the few sports where boys and girls openly compete against each other. Coaches Don Szlezyngier, Rich Franke, Tom Sullivan, Dave Duey, Dave Carbery and Corey Salo strive to bring out the best in all shooters, helping them from the basics through state and national competitions.

At weekly sessions, shooters practice four positions (prone, sitting, kneeling and standing) to obtain scores for the NRA Marksmanship Qualification program.Shooters work their way through the positions and earn medals as their ability increases. All equipment is provided at no charge, including rifles for beginning shooters. The only thing a junior needs is desire and ammunition, which is available for a nominal fee.

Additionally, once a certain level of proficiency is obtained in all positions, members can shoot in various competitions. All competitions are divided into age groups so the shooters compete against others of similar ability. The DSC hosts two registered junior matches each year, one indoor in February and one outdoor in May. Juniors from all over the state come to DSC to compete. Of course, our shooters are encouraged to participate.

For several years, DSC’s Junior Rifle program has been generously supported by VFW Post #1794. This includes money to buy several club rifles and accessories. Our juniors also participate in the National VFW Postal Match series under the sponsorship of VFW Post #1794. This is a national competition between VFW-sponsored clubs where teams shoot at their home range and mail in the targets for scoring, hence the term “postal”. The DSC Junior Rifle Team was the 2003 VFW National Champions. The DSC Junior Rifle members thank VFW Post #1794 for their continuing support through the years.

The DSC Junior Rifle program is always open to new shooters. Minimum age to participate is 10 through the age of 18. If you are interested, please stop by the DSC range building (basement) on Friday nights between 7:30 and 9:30 pm. Generally, our season runs September through July, with August off. You can watch the team shooters during their practice and talk to the team coaches. All shooters are required to be members of DSC (junior membership available) and to complete the NRA Basic Rifle Course, offered every February. You can start shooting with us immediately, but when the class is offered, you must attend. Please contact Cory Salo (586) 944-3600 or corey@cdsdes.com for more information.

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