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The DSC was asked if we’d host the 2022 annual MCRGO Fall Firearms Festival. This will be a big event with possibly 200-300 people attending. We will be able to showcase the Club, bring in new members, plus this will be advertised for us!

We’ll need RSO’s and people who may want to help direct attendees as to where the Ranges are, Clubhouse for food and meetings and Range Building. We’ll have a table set up in the Range Building for Memberships. There will be shooting contests on both Rifle and Pistol Ranges. DSC Members are welcome to compete in the shooting events.
Additional information can be found here.

Bob Savo, President

Detroit Sportsmen’s Congress


Happy July DSC Members!! It is time to start the process of electing a new slate of individuals to help govern the club for the next 2 years. Up for election are President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, six Director positions and one Trustee position. Please note that the BOD is voting in September on a motion to reduce the size of the Directors-At-Large from six to four. So this number may change.
As your DSC Election Committee Chairman, I will provide you the details about the election, inform the membership of the positions up for election, and the timeline for the election.
I’m asking every committee chair to elect or appoint someone from their committee to serve as a committee rep for the 2022 election. The position entails soliciting and bringing nominations from your committee or the club to our first meeting on Wednesday, August 10, 2022 at 6:30 PM in via Zoom. The Election Committee rep has two additional meetings to attend, one in September and one in December to fulfill their commitment.
Additionally, we need hard-chargers to let their committee reps know that they would like to be nominated for a Board or Executive Committee position for the club. And if you know a hard-charger
you think would be a great elected official, please nominate them. Competitive races are critical to elections, as it makes our Board more active and focused on the cause of pushing us further up the ladder of success.
To be clear, becoming a DSC elected official is a time commitment. We meet once a month on the last Monday of each month, attend each of the General Membership meetings, and the twice a year Committee Chairman’s Meetings. The DSC Executive Board meets an additional meeting per month. Each DSC Board member is also assigned to be the representative of one or two of our standing committees around the club and attend their regular meetings.
One of the big benefits of becoming a member of the DSC Board or a DSC Trustee is you get the inside track on what’s going on around the club and what’s in store in the weeks, months and years to come here at the DSC. More importantly, you have the chance to become a permanent part of DSC history and its future successes. That is where the real excitement is.
Tad Blankenburg
DSC Election Chairperson
DSC Director

The Detroit Sportsmen's Congress (DSC) was founded in Detroit Michigan in 1936 for the purpose of promoting better hunting and fishing within the state.