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DSC’s Junior Rifle program is a fun, coed activity that always puts safety first. Our objective is to teach youth the proper, responsible and safe use of firearms, with emphasis on position rifle shooting and competition. Shooting is one of the few sports where boys and girls can directly compete against each other.  Certified NRA & USA Shooting Coaches Corey Salo and Tom Sullivan along with NRA certified instructors/range safety officers John Barber, Duane Burleson and Bob Seefelt strive to bring out the best in all shooters, helping them from starting with the basics up to and including state and national competitions.

Smallbore (22s) was the original and only firearm used.  However times change and now we have two disciplines.  We continue with smallbore and now we also shoot air rifles.  These are not your Red Ryder BB guns.  These are precision air rifles shooting .177 caliber pellets.  These rifles are more accurate than the smallbore rifles.  They have been part of the Olympic shooting program since 1984.  Air rifle is shot at 10 meters and is shot as a standing only event and a three position (prone kneeling and standing) event.  The advantage of air rifle is smaller area required and you do not need a ventilation system.  Therefore more places can offer air rifle shooting.  Although most shooting is still smallbore.

During Friday evening practice sessions, shooters practice four positions (prone, sitting, kneeling and standing) to obtain scores for the NRA Marksmanship Qualification program.  The program rewards shooters as they work their way through the positions and earn medals as their ability and scores increase. All equipment is provided at no charge, including rifles for beginning shooters. The only thing a junior needs is desire.

Additionally, once a level of proficiency is obtained in all positions, members are encouraged but not required to start competing in matches.  Competitions are divided into age groups so the shooters compete against others of similar ability. The DSC hosts two junior matches each year.  We hold the NRA Indoor Junior Sectional in February and an outdoor match in May.  Juniors from all over the state come to DSC to compete. Most of the away matches they can shoot are within two hours of the club.

The DSC Junior Rifle program is always open to new shooters.  Minimum age to participate is 10 and you can continue through age of 18.  Our season runs from the first Friday after Labor Day through the end of June.  We are off in July and August. We do not shoot on Fridays of holiday weekends.  You do not need to attend every week.  We shoot in the DSC range building (basement) on most Friday nights between 7:30 and 9:30 p.m.  You can watch the team shooters during their practice and talk to the team coaches. You can come out and check it out for free.

To be a regular participant each shooter must join the DSC, at least as a junior member and to complete the NRA Basic Rifle Course, offered every November.  Junior membership is $25 yearly.  Additionally there is a daily range fee and ammo costs which are currently $5 and $4 respectively.  You can start shooting with us at any time, but when the class is offered, you must attend.  Please contact Corey Salo (586) 944-3600, [email protected] for more information or stop by on a Friday.

17 Jan 2023

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